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Exactly what is the best method to get a smooth, close shave? Although this question may be debated for centuries, I have a step-by-step strategy that can simplify the task and then leave your skin layer soft, smooth and irritation free.

Men's Grooming

1)    Shave from the shower. Even though this isnt a must, it can help to soften the beard. (mirror?)

2)    Use a base layer. The aim of a base layer would be to go through the skin and make up a slick  canvas where the blade will glide. This really is important because a slick surface prevents pulling and chaffingby the blade. TimothysSmooth SkinShave Gel was created specifically for this function also it wont run off the skin inside the shower.
3)    Apply any foam or cream on the base. The aim the following is to allow you to see where you are shaving. Any dime store foam will perform, so pull out those striped cans youve been saving with an emergency and put the right results! Use a thin layer of froth over your lower layer and begin or try TimothysSoft SkinShave Cream.

Best Shave

4)    Use an excellent blade. I enjoy the Schick The key detail here is to ensure that your blade is sharp and fresh. Suffice to convey, the pros and cons in the various kinds of blades will refill a future post.

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